CTO (FullStack) as Co-Founder for a digital Health physiotherapy startup

For the innovative concept, we just received EXIST government funding (www.exist.de) with Germany's largest physiotherapy chain as the industry partner!

You should have

  • Experience with Fullstack development
  • A university degree in computer science or similar
  • An independent residence permit in Germany
  • Possibility to start at latest at 1st of July
  • German language would be desirable (optional)

The EXIST salary is limited to €3,000 per month (depending on your classification) but you will receive shares in a startup backed by industry leaders, have full responsibility for the product development, possibility to work remote and with flexible working hours.

Please send us your CV via email at dominik.meier@mvmtlab.de

mifysio Logo


mifysio ist ein digital Health Startup mit Produkten zur Behandlung und Telemonitoring von Menschen mit Gesundheitsproblemen mittels einfacher und automatisierter Analyse von bewegungsbezogenen Daten - individuell, persönlich, digital.

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